I tried to make a diary app in 30 minutes with Power Apps (campus app)

Sup guys. It’s Akira.


This is for Advent Calender 2021!



Sorry to keep you waiting. I will be happy If you say “No one is waiting!” on Twitter as I’m Hentai.


This time, I'm going to digitize (DX...lol) the diary I've been writing for about 20 years following the daily report that I made for the first time with Power Apps.



My thoughts on making a diary app in the first place


Personally, I think it's okay to handwrite a diary or exercise record.


I really think these days


人人人人人人人人人人人人 人人人人人 人 _

> Handwriting of  many people is messy! <

 ̄Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ YY ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y  ̄


Whether you learn calligraphy or not, I want you to think, "I want to write more beautifully!" There is a story that the character  expresses your heart (I don't know if it is true). In other words, I am the best person who has acquired the highest rank of hard brush and writing brush. Abuse is a joy. Please give me it by all means.


To summarize what I mean, it's not good to make anything into apps. I like "writing", so I’ll just give it a shot! It's for beginners, so if you like, try making it.


Screen design completed in 10 minutes


This time I designed it with a smartphone. Like this (Analog).


DB design completed in 1 minute


Because it's just done


Date (date column)

Diary contents (multiple matrices)


What is design?


It’s okay just using the list of SPO.

For personal use, 2000/365 = about 6 years even if the maximum capacity is 2000 lines.


If you are an elementary school student, you have graduated.


I think it's okay to make a list every 6 years or export it.


Creating a list screen completed in 5 minutes


As you know, it's a contradiction that I spend more time writing blogs.

Isn't it faster to make a video? I thought while writing.


First open Power Apps.

Auto build is okay, but it’s meaningful to make it from scratch (?).



Decorate the TOP Screen fashionably-with phrases that make you want to inspire yourself-

* This is a campus app of Power Apps.


Put a button control in the lower right

Navigate (ViewScreen, Cover)

Put the above in the function bar.

With this, you can reproduce the movement as if you turned the page.

Except for the image that turns the page, it is created by the standard control of Power Apps.



Make a list of SPO,


then connect to Power Apps and add Label, DatePicker, TextInput, icon, Gallery.

That's all about a screen.



DataPicker reads the day of the week with the above code and adjusts the start of the date accordingly.

    ) = "Mon",
    ) = "Tue",
    Today() - 1,
    ) = "Wed",
    Today() - 2,
    ) = "Thu",
    Today() - 3,
    ) = "Fri",
    Today() - 4,
    ) = "Sat",
    Today() - 5,


Ex: If today is Friday, today's date-4th will start Monday


Then Filter the Gallery and you're done.


Create Power Automate in 5 minutes


Power Automate will automatically create the data for the next week.

This time it was cumbersome to make both New and Edit, so I designed it so that "Edit Mode.Edit" is not used on Power Apps. Therefore, I will make a base calendar before " I’m going to write a diary! ".


Select "Scheduled Cloud Flow" from Cloud Flow.

Like this.



Next, get the current time and put it in a variable (DateTime1)

Variables for addition are also included (PlusDay)


Afterword: I didn't need to make DateTime a variable.hehehe


Spin around with Dountil.



When I tried it, a week's worth of dates were made, including today.


If you decide to write with this, you already have the data.



 Creation of editing function completed in 10 minutes


Now that we have a mechanism for automatic generation, all we have to do is create a screen that the user can create.


The story creates a mechanism that pops up the edit screen when you tap each date.

Thinking in terms of layers, it looks like the following.



I know the feeling of wanting to tease me.

"Why does this guy use button controls in the background!"

I wanted to let this corner become a circle.

That's it.


Then enter "Visible = locVis" in the Visible such as black cover, form and button, enter OnSelect = UpdateContext ({locVis: true}) in the Gallery, and enter Items = [Gallery name].selected in this form.


Then click on the date and they will appear.


* The contents of the Gallery template are left out.


After that, in the case of registration ... Enter the UpdateContext (set locVis to true) and ResetForm in SubmitForm → Form OnSuccess in the button.


To return ... Enter locVis in False in UpdateContext on the button and you're done.


 Reason for making the app


I'm studying English and German right now, so I wanted to make a voice diary for pronunciation correction.


I plan to register my voice.


Use for general purposes


The app I wrote this time is the basis of the daily report app I made a long time ago (a year and a half ago).

The function that added this like a secret sauce is as follows.


・ Notify your boss

・ Remind if not written

・ Made it possible to reply

・ Made it possible to make proposals

・ To be able to notify the section manager when there is a proposal

・ When a proposal is considered, it can be sublimated into an "improvement request".

・ Anyone can receive the "improvement request"

・ You can get points when you receive an order.

・ When points are saved, they can be exchanged for gift certificates.

・ Made it possible to know the proposal ranking

・ The list of people not written by the president can be seen.


You can add it depending on your ideas.


It is an example that daily work becomes interesting depending on the idea because it is not a core system.


Let's study before we get old! I’ll give you a hand.


Next time, I plan to add a voice function!


Thank you.